Hartzell Unveils a New Company Wide Brand Image

Creating a new brand throughout Hartzell has been an important focus for the company recently. Revitalizing the brand in such a way will promote growth and form a greater synergy throughout Hartzell Fan, Hartzell Hardwoods, Hartzell Industries, and Arkansas Face Veneer.

In order to unite all Hartzell companies, a single, new, and consistent logo will be implemented within each Hartzell company. A new web site, www.Hartzell.com, is now available and offers access to each Hartzell company directly through its homepage. Modifying the website gives viewers access to all Hartzell products, news, and job opportunities for all its divisions.

Jeff Bannister, Hartzell’s CEO, comments “Our new brand embraces our past and rich history and will carry us into an exciting future with one single brand and one culture for all Hartzell companies.”

Along with the brand changes, we are revising some company names as well. Hartzell Fan will now be known as Hartzell Air Movement which allows the company future growth opportunities. Arkansas Face Veneer, located in Benton, Arkansas, will carry the Hartzell brand on their website, but will retain use of their name as it is highly recognized within the veneer industry.

Hartzell is a very well-known company involved in the manufacturing of industrial fans, hardwoods, and face veneer. Hartzell Hardwoods is an innovative leader in the hardwood industry producing top quality thick stock lumber. Hartzell Air Movement pioneered the production of the propeller fan and today manufactures custom centrifugal and axial fans. At Arkansas Face Veneer, a dedicated and experienced workforce utilizes the latest advances in splicing technology to produce high-quality value-added veneer products from over 100 different species. The changes taking place with the brand revitalization will help grow the entire Hartzell brand while continuing the same dedication to quality, value, and commitment just as they have Since 1875.