Hartzell has complete offering of fiberglass fan exhausters for the most hostile environments of wastewater facilities

Hartzell Air Movement offers engineers and customers of wastewater facilities a complete product line of fiberglass exhausters for managing odor control challenges, energy efficiency, and the noise demands of wastewater treatment plants.  Our line of fiberglass exhausters can be provided as a complete unit for wall or roof mount and features our highly efficient and low noise solid fiberglass one-piece wheel. 

The Series 87 and 88 Fiberglass Upblast Exhausters and the Series 82 and 83 Fiberglass Downblast Exhausters are extremely effective in a corrosive environment, especially where the highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide is present in the airstream.  Hartzell exhausters are available with custom-size wall boot, intake hood, and fiberglass dampers to make installation easier and more efficient.

These fiberglass exhausters are just one piece of Hartzell’s broad product offering.  They also offer a complete line of fiberglass fans and blowers which can be customized to meet the needs of our customer and have a wide variety of coatings to provide even more protection for extended service life