Hartzell Air Movement is pleased to announce that J.E. Phillips Co., Inc. is now the manufacturer’s sales rep office in the entire state of California. J.E. Phillips Co., Inc. has been selling Hartzell industrial fans in the San Diego and Los Angeles territories for the past 44 years.The sales rep office has also already been selling in Clark County, Nevada but will now expand to the western counties in Nevada as well. J.E. Phillips Co., Inc. has provided ventilation products and services since 1970. With their knowledge of the Hartzell Air Movement product line and their current customer relationships,the transition for them to move into these new regions will be a success. 

President of J.E. Phillips Co., Inc., Charlie Andrews states, “We have had a lot of business in the past 40 years representing Hartzell. We are looking forward to expanding into these new territories and providing the same quality customer service.” The Hartzell rep firm currently supplies industrial fans in the wastewater, OEM, and heavy industry markets.

Chuck Abramson, Director of Sales at Hartzell Air Movement explains, “J.E. Phillips and Hartzell have had a positive relationship for years and we look forward to growing that relationship as they conquer new applications and markets. We know we can count on them to provide top of the line service for our customers.”

Hartzell Air Movement is a leading manufacturer of industrial air moving solutions to a variety of markets throughout the world. The company manufactures in Ohio. Hartzell has been in business since 1875.

If you would like more information on Hartzell Air Movement products, please visit www.hartzellairmovement.com or contact your local field sales representative.