Hartzell Air Movement is pleased to announce the release of the new Series 47M metric marine duty direct drive duct axial fan. The fan is available in sizes 250-1400 mm and has airflow capabilities up to 130,000 m3 per hour. The Series 47M fan is available in steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or aluminum along with special coatings such as epoxy or hot dip galvanized. The maximum static pressure for Hartzell’s new marine fan is 1000 Pa and the maximum horsepower is 60 kW. Several accessories are available on the fan such as inlet/outlet guards, mounting feet, inspection doors, and companion flanges.

Common applications for this marine fan are on oil rigs, workboats, and supply vessels, where it will be used to ventilate areas such as engine rooms or crew cabins. Hartzell Air Movement has the capability to manufacture the Series 47M at their Singapore location as well as in their plants in the United States in order to benefit their customers all over the world.

Chief Technology Officer of Hartzell Air Movement, Tom Gustafson explains, “This fan will really benefit our international customers because it is a true metric fan designed to work with IEC motors. This is just the beginning of Hartzell manufacturing metric fans and we plan to develop many more.”

Hartzell Air Movement is a leading manufacturer of industrial air moving solutions to a variety of markets throughout the world. The company manufactures in Ohio, Indiana, and Singapore. Hartzell has been in business since 1875.

If you would like more information on Hartzell Air Movement products, please visit www.hartzellairmovement.com or contact your local field sales representative.