Hartzell Veneer Products


Hartzell is excited to formally announce that we are relocating and reinvesting in both our face veneer and lamination business.  This will ultimately improve our products and services to our valued customers. We are moving our production facility from Benton, Arkansas to Hillsdale, Michigan. The new Hillsdale location will embrace a new company name – Hartzell Veneer Products LLC.

We will begin limited production at our Hillsdale location in June, 2013. The address for Hartzell Veneer Products LLC will be 282 Industrial Drive, Hillsdale, MI, 49242. Moving our Arkansas operation to Hillsdale, Michigan, will allow us to improve order delivery time by 50%, as this new location allow us to be in closer proximity to our customers and suppliers.  We will be able to reach all our Midwest customers within a ten hour drive of our facility. Hartzell Veneer ProductsLLC. will be strategically located between Chicago and Detroit – just minutes from the I-80 corridor.

Production ramp down at the Benton, AR, facility will coincide with the production ramp up at our Hillsdale, MI, facility. Production capacity at the Benton facility will remain intact throughout the process to mitigate any production capacity issues through the transition.  All production will ship from Hillsdale, MI, by September, 2013. We are committed to continuing to provide the high level quality and service you have enjoyed over the years.


Hartzell Veneer Products LLC. is making significant investments to position our company for future growth.  We also invested in state of the art glue and EMZ machines from Kuper to provide our face customers with best in class joint and face construction capabilities.

               Glue Machine                                                                             EMZ Machine
The revamping of our lamination line is highlighted by investing in a 5x10 Burkle Hot Press line which will be operational in July 2013.