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 Air Movement

Hartzell Air Movement manufactures high quality industrial fans and blowers for wall and roof exhaust, as well as centrifugal fans and axial fans, all available in steel, aluminum, fiberglass or stainless steel. We also offer heating equipment, mine and marine duty fans, replacement parts, and customized fans and blowers for a variety of applications.

To learn more about Hartzell’s industrial fan product line and get quick access to product catalogs or to request a quote, visit the Hartzell Air Movement website. A wide variety of special products, replacement parts, standard and customized OEM products, and stock/surplus fans are also available.


Hartzell Hardwoods is proud to be known throughout the world as a leading producer of fine walnut lumber as well as top quality thick red and white oak lumber. As our history depicts, Hartzell is known to be an innovator and leader in the Hardwood Industry.

Hartzell Hardwoods produces 17 million board feet of lumber annually, of which 11 to13 million board feet is exported each year to customers throughout Europe, Mexico, the Far East and the Middle East.

Currently, our total kiln capacity is over 1,300,000 board feet. Long recognized as a worldwide leader in Walnut and top quality thick lumber, Hartzell Hardwood’s philosophy continues to be characterized by Quality, Value, and Commitment. 

Hartzell Veneer Products

Hartzell Veneer Products offers veneer flitches from North, Central, and South America, Africa, Australia and Europe. From these veneers, the company offers spliced faces for the architectural door, furniture, cabinet, and plywood markets. Along with sketch faces, backed, flexed, sanded veneer sheets and finger jointed real wood edgebanding, we can also provide aromatic eastern red cedar veneers produced on a horizontal slicer for internal use as well as for resale to other splicing houses.