Tilt Hoist/Infeed Operator Assistant/Stacker

Employment Listing

Job Title: Tilt Hoist/Infeed Operator Assistant/Stacker
Division: Hartzell Hardwoods
Location: Kirksville, MO
Department: Lumber Yard
Reports To: Lumber Systems Supervisor/Inspector
Basic Function:

Assures that the lumber is running through the machine straight and minimize lost production on grading decks. Assists tilt hoist operator at all times.

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Collects all inventory tags off of incoming lumber from in feed.

2. Cuts bands off the bundles when necessary.

3. Tosses stacking sticks and 4x5’s in conveyor that do not fall onto conveyor.

4. Takes cover paper off bundles when necessary and stack the paper where it can be reused.

5. Keeps boards straight so boards flow through the machinery properly to help maintain production speed

6. Climbs 2-3 stairs, using proper emergency stop (safety shut off) when entering tilt hoist area.

7.  Assists with minor maintenance problems (no electrical) utilizing the lock-out/tag-out procedures and proper PPE.


8.  Operates tilt hoist when operator is not available.

9.  Down time clean up under tilt hoist and unscrambler area (sweeps floors throughout machine, separates burnable trash from non-burnable trash, look for parts that may have fallen off machine and report them to supervisor).

10. Reports any equipment problems to your supervisor and assists in repairs when necessary.

11. Assists the in-feed person when necessary with jams, etc.

12. Follows all safety procedures and practices/

Qualifications and Required Skills:
Physical and Visual Activities (physical and visual activities that are commonly associated** with the performance of the functions of this job): Standing, walking, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, handling, talking, hearing.

Visual - acuity; far and near, depth perception, field of vision, accommodation, color vision.

Physical Demands (physical demands commonly associated** with the performance of the functions of this job): Long periods of standing/walking. Flips or turns boards weighing between 5 lbs. to over 60 lbs. during 70% of normal work day.

Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions (environmental/atmospheric conditions commonly associated** with the performance of the functions of this job.) Inside and outside conditions, extremes of cold and heat, humid, noise, vibration, hazards, dust.

Knowledge: High school diploma or GED required, basic math, writing, reading,

Experience: Up to 3 months to learn and perform the functions of the job at a good level of proficiency.

Machines, Tools (Office and Industrial), Software:

Licenses/Certifications:   None

Additional Information:
We offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

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